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Watch Out!

Distractions are everywhere!
I ask myself these questions:
What does this really have to do with me?
Just because I can do something, should I really at this moment?
Did this come in my path for me to do, say, or pray?
What is the real work I’m supposed to focus on in this season?

Remember, just because it is right, and feels right does not necessarily mean it is right for YOU to do something about it.
You can look around and no one seems to be doing anything.
If they are, not the way you would do it.
There may be a situation that arises and so does your passion.
Knowing how to move your energy will help you bypass something that would divert you from your focus.

Watch where your energy flows in this season. It matters. Clarity matters.


The Difference is Peace

Quiet, rainy, early Fall morning.
There is a difference between being driven and being led.
The difference is peace.

On to the next thing.
Sometimes we don’t take the time to celebrate and enjoy where we are, what we have accomplished.
We have a big goal in sight.
Once we reach that goal, will it be enough?
When will it be enough?
I’ve lived this type of lifestyle…until I didn’t anymore.

I stopped.
I made a sharp turn.
I stopped being driven.
I chose to be led.

The days grew easier.
The sky and flowers were beautiful.
The cup of coffee with a friend helped to release my soul.
My writing was fun again.
Simply because I made a choice to have no regrets.



It’s Your New Season!

When leaving one season and moving into your next, sometimes it gets tight in between.
This may be the time you experience your circle getting smaller.
People you used to talk to, places you used to go, or activities you used to participate in seem foreign now.
You know it’s over. Maybe permanently, maybe just for this season but things have changed.
You may feel uncomfortable and uncertain.
You try to put your hands to something but it doesn’t work, and honestly, you’re not interested in it.
Writers are wonderful creatives.
You know how to instinctively put something together and make it work.
It turns out wonderful for others but for you, you were just looking for the next thing to do.
You want to be comfortable again.
You look around and realize you don’t fit anymore.
Outwardly, other people may not notice the change.
But you have moved…inwardly.
You are not the same.
You are changing.
Your conversation has changed but others seem to be talking about the same old thing.
Keep moving forward.
It won’t feel narrow much longer.
Your wide space is near.
The new awaits you.
It’s YOUR turn.