It’s Time to Dare to Dream!

Dare to Dream Book Coaching with –
Literary Midwife Cynthia L. Hatcher

Helping Creatives, Writers and Entrepreneurs unlock, expand, and create the life you’ve dreamed of!

Creative people need an extra special type of support because creative processes are unique. As your midwife, I am your cheerleader. I am here to see you birth your book to maturity, birth your vision beyond your book, and show you how to use your book as the key to open doors to your destiny.

I am also a writer, so I get it. Writing can be hard. It takes commitment, skill, and focus. Sometimes it may seem you will never finish and get your manuscript published. But you can do it! How do I know…I’ve been a book coach and have over 15 years of experience. 

Having assisted over 1200 creatives, as your midwife, I am in it with you to see your work in the earth. Conferences and workshops are good and have their place. One-on-one book coaching will lead you through the writing process. When we are finished, not only will you have a completed manuscript, but you will also have a stronger foundation of confidence!

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How I Help

As your Midwife – I show up when you are ready!

It does not matter what stage of the writing journey you are in, if you need expertise, encouragement, support or clarity – I help you to navigate the bumps and blocks on your creative path.

The creative path is as unique as the individual. I am working to write 60 books. I am now on book 36 with a passion to finish the rest.
I assist with:
Goal-Setting – I help you get your dream clear on what you want and how to do it.
Productivity – I help you see your dream by understanding your tasks and how to maximize your results.
Creativity – I help you with your dream by discovering and understanding your unique creative rhythm – this helps for the long haul.
Writing – I help you to birth your book and take it to the next level. You will also with genre, theme, development and your audience.

If you are ready and need a little more info it is here at Dare to Dream.