Author, Coach & Literary Midwife
Cynthia L. Hatcher

Hello, I’m Cynthia L. Hatcher
As far back as I can remember, I loved to write.
It was and still is good for the soul.
I am the author of several books, including my signature script, The Abuser’s Daughter.

I am an author, spiritual teacher, and literary midwife.
Once I experienced the joys of completing my first book, my creative well flowed.
I have been a creative professional for more than 15 years, studying and living in a creative rhythm.

My favorite genres to write are inspirational self-help and contemporary fiction.
I enjoy writing self-help because I am a firm believer in inspiring people to live their dream.
I enjoy contemporary fiction because it allows the readers to take trips to wonderful places and relationships.

I love to read and hope you do as well.