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1. Abuser’s Daughter
2. Bewitched in the Local Church

3. Choosing to Dream
4. Man and His Wife
5. The Forgivers
6. Dare to Dream 52 Week Journal
7. Fulfilling Your Kingdom Assignment
8. By Faith I Live
9. Man and His Wife Through the Storm
10. Dream It Live It Book
11. Dream It Live It Workbook
12. Sistah Get Organized
13. Stepping Into Your Promised Land
14. You Gotta Let Judas Kiss You
15. Legacy Collection Volume 1
16. Help Me! Inspirational Book Writing Tips
17. Monday Morning Inspirations
18. Go Get Them
19. Go Get Them – Fellow Workers Handbook
20. The Abuser’s Daughter 10 Year Edition
21. Living in Day to Day GOD Confidence
22. Bewitched in the Local Church 2 – The Final Conclusion
23. Don’t Be Afraid of the Fire
24. One White Faced Heifer Named Mary
25. The Forgivers 2nd Edition Plus 40 Day Forgiveness Journal
26. Beyond the Room – Facing the Traumatized Mind
27. Londyn – The Gift
28. Claudia – The Gifted
29. Lilith – The Gifter
30. Book Writing Journal
31. The Legacy Collection Volume 2
32. Finding Your Creative Rhythm

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