I am a writer, teacher, speaker and literary midwife. I love writing. My first published work is The Abuser’s Daughter. Once I experienced joys of completing my first book, my creative well flowed.

I love to see people live their dream so I started teaching masterclasses, cohorts, and coach 1:1 clients. 

I believe in assisting people in SUPERCHARGING their creativity!

I have witnessed creatives grow in their craft, change careers, increase their revenue, and bring increase to their life overall!

I have been a creative professional more than 15 years, studying and living in a Creative Rhythm. Knowing that everything around us is creative work, helping creatives, writers, and entrepreneurs is my life’s passion and purpose.

As a midwife, I help you to:
*Learn how to birth your manuscript and bring it to maturity
*Birth the vision beyond the book
*Learn how to use your book as a key to open your personal destiny

The creative path is as unique as the individual and not always easy to start, maintain or used to increase revenue. Simply put, I help you achieve your creative dreams and ambitions.

Through engaging humor and transparency, I coach writers, creatives and entrepreneurs to use their creativity to add multiple streams of income by doing what they love.

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